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Organic Raw Linden Honey – 100% Natural – 12 Jars

This order consists 12 Jars of Honey, thoroughly packed in one box.

The Linden Honey carries the aroma of the blossom and the spirit of purity. The Honey Moony will bring you back in times when the aroma of silver linden fulfils the room by opening the jar and brings you into the pure forests. Times when Bio and Eco were not just titles. Specially selected Bio Linden Honey for your health with taste of lasting memory!


-Natural tonic and vitalizing effect that boosts energy levels and improves the immune system

-Good in case of disorders of the liver and gall bladder

-Remedy for cough, sore throat and colds

-Extremely useful in eye diseases

-Soothing effect on the stomach

-Skin care - used as face mask

-Normalizes metabolism

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Linden Honey

Linden honey is one of the most valuable and best varieties of honey that has existed for thousands of years. The ambrosial aroma of the tiny yellow-white flowers attracts bees from kilometers because of the large amount of nectar produced by the flowers. The nectar is harvested from late spring to early summer and in hot and humid weather. The following nectar is good food for the bees and the result is high quality monofloral honey. In addition to it's excellent taste and unique aroma, Linden honey has many health benefits. 


Originating from Bulgaria, our Bio Linden Honey comes from the Linden woods is naturally produced & ready for immediate consumption. Bulgaria is one of the world’s most suitable countries for producing honey due to the warm climate and vast plant life. Our Bio Linden honey is considered one of the finest honeys available and it is a very popular choice amongst customers.


Linden Bio honey has richness of mineral salts, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E, K, and a variety of enzymes, makes the honey an excellent tool for stimulating the immune defense and the formation of blood cells & hemoglobin. TIP: It is useful to keep small portions of it in the mouth until it is fully absorbed.


Linden honey contains ethereal oils, which composition has farnesol, giving it a distinctive aroma. The effect of farnesol is a sedative on the nervous system and antiseptic, which also determines the healing power of linden honey. It is a soothing remedy that helps with cough and insomnia, successfully cures bronchitis and is an excellent antiseptic. One of the highest quality types of honey. It is light yellow in color, transparent, with a pleasant odor, when crystallized it becomes lighter in color.

See what customers say about us:

"I love your honey. I have been hesitant to try honey for years, but being a raw vegan, I realized how beneficial honey can be if it is in raw state and comes from people who care and don’t abuse their bees. "
Elitza Yankova

"I just wanted to let others know how unbelievable The Honey Moony honey is! The taste and appearance are outstanding, me and my wife have not tried honey like this. We got tired of fake products on grocery stores shelves claiming its raw honey when it tastes terrible. So keep up the good work and us happy!"
Markus Dael

"I have fallen in love with your honey. My friends and I consume a lot from it! I am racing as a professional athlete. That being the reason for my large consumption of honey/peanut butter. I have found they are the best pro-race meal and pre-workout breakfast. They make me so energetic! I love your product, glad we found it!"
Bruce Shaw