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Who Are We?

We would like to introduce our clients a product which reminds them for their childhood, ecologically clean and bring the odor of blossom and the memory of forests aroma.

Somewhere there in an ancient country on the Balkans, the most fragrant and curative honey is produced since thousand years. The eternal tradition of beehives exist in our richest forests.

The honey carries the smell of the blossom and the spirit of purity. Continuing the covenant, The Honey Moony wish to return you back in the time where by opening the jar you smell the quality of the pure honey. When Eco and Bio were not only titles.


All the gamma of our production is Bulgarian made, cultivated in different areas in the country and prepared like centuries before.

The most important things we differ from others are:

  • Unique honey because its different. You get it the pure way which bees produced it.
  • No intermixture with sugars or similar.
  • No pesticides or antibiotics in our forests.
  • We are precise as we must be.