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Frequently Asked Questions

Raw honey is honey that has not been processed or pasteurized in any way. It is cold extracted straight from the hive. Most importantly it is free from antibiotics and has not been infused with any additional flavorings or sweeteners. 

Commercially available honey is usually heavily processed, pasteurized and heated to make it more appealing for the customer. Commercially bought honey may also be blended with other low quality honey or mixed with refine sugars. These processes destroy all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that the honey contains. Pasteurization also reduces honey’s nutritional value, benefits and quality. 

Therefore we test all of our honey in certified laboratory to meet the high quality standards of raw honey. We use sustainable beekeeping practices and use natural and ecological remedies for treating bees. This way we can ensure the honey is real and preserves all of its natural beneficial qualities.

Yes, our bees collect nectar from untouched, natural meadows and wild forests. The bees live in the area which is not being treated with pesticides, therefore ensuring that the our raw honey is clean from any pesticides. 

Additionally, we deeply care for our bees and we make sure that they are treated only with natural, ecological and organic remedies. Ensuring that there are no antibiotics used for healing bees.

There are many health benefits of honey!

Eating honey has a stabilizing effect on our body’s blood sugar levels. It does not stimulate as rapid insulin production as table sugar.Honey has an antibacterial effect and inhibits the growth of many bacteria strains, including the bacteria responsible for ulcers.Honey has been used in topical dressings to treat infected surgical wounds, burns, and skin grafts.Honey significantly increases antioxidant levels in the blood while improving immune system activity. A tablespoon or more of honey consumed at bedtime promotes natural restorative sleep by preventing metabolic stress**. Without metabolic stress during rest, stress hormones are not released, maximum fat-burning during rest is possible, and natural restoration of body tissues and immune system functions occurs naturally.Honey, when consumed on a regular basis, can actually help with some allergies. These health benefits and more are the same for all unpasteurized honey including liquid, creamed, crystalized and honey comb.


Actually benefits of honey surpasses many other superfoods. There are a lot of vitamins in raw honey. Ranging from B to K. Honey is full of minerals, micro elements and healthy enzymes. Most importantly honey carries antibacterial and antioxidant properties. As a result it boosts our immune system and can help with the blood pressure. Scientist say that dark honey rich in antioxidants like buckwheat honey can reduce the risk of heart attacks, heart strokes or even cancer. 

Please note, we don’t recommend raw honey for children under 12 months of age!

As long as it is unpasteurized, no. Honey stored in sealed containers can remain stable for decades and even centuries! It has been found in Egyptian tombs and is still edible.

Honey never spoils and has an unlimited shelf life, but for practical purposes and government requirements, a “best before” date of two or more years is often stated. Raw honey has a very low water content (normally less than 18%), and a fairly high acidic level, which makes for very unfavorable conditions for bacteria to grow. If bacteria cannot grow in honey, then it cannot spoil.

Honey crystallization is purely a natural process. All raw honey sets over time depending on its characteristics and nutrient composition. Only honey which has been processed or pasteurized may stay in its original state throughout the whole time. This is because pasteurized honey goes through high heating in high temperature. This is where all the natural properties of raw honey are lost.  

Natural honey carries small particles of pollen or propolis in it as raw honey is only filtered from big solids. Pollen carries many nutritional values. And the different composition of minerals in it may lead to honey crystallizing sooner or later. For example, Acacia honey or honeydew remains in liquid form for long time of period.

However, in case of crystallization occurs, you may gently warm the jars in hot water to return to liquid state but please make sure that the temperature is not higher than 40 degrees Celcius.

The Honey Moony showcases natural, seasonal varieties in our honey – specifically a separate harvest from the spring and one from the summer. These kinds of honey are taken from the same fields, but different seasons. The flowers that bloom in each of those seasons change the colour and flavour of the honey. Unlike our competitors, we like to highlight these beautiful differences, rather than blend them together.

Both liquid and creamed honey are pure honey, nothing more, nothing less. The word creamed, refers to the smooth, creamy texture of solid honey that has been processed for this purpose. Honey is “creamed” by mixing fine honey crystals into liquid honey, pouring the honey into the container, then placing it in cool storage to promote rapid granulation. This process produces a small crystal structure, which gives a smooth creamy texture – hence creamed honey.

Raw honey is full of different minerals, nutrients and vitamins that have natural healing properties. In addition honey may also carry non-toxic and friendly bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. However as children under 1 year of age are more sensitive to whole environment there is a risk of this bacteria surviving in infants stomach. Therefore, to prevent the risk, we place a warning on the label “Not suitable for infants under 12 months”.

Once there is no risk, raw honey is fully recommended to be used by children. Scientific researches has shown that children had better blood system and skin color. Additionally the research has showed that children were less prone to illnesses due to stronger immune system. Fun fact is that babies on raw honey diet cried less too.

We seek to bring the untouched nature to you through the spoon of honey. And we love sharing with you wild Bulgarian raw honey.

Honey is the sweetener of choice for diabetics. Honey actually stabilizes blood sugar and lowers HbA1c levels, something refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) cannot do. Honey does not trigger an immediate or excessive insulin release which occurs after the consumption of most artificial sweeteners, and thus does not promote fat production, fat storage, and weight gain commonly associated with the use of these highly processed products.

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